PACT Enabled
About PACT Enabled

About PACT

What is PACT?

PACT is the joint electronic trading initiative between eparts and TecCom. Since 2007, PACT has connected the automotive aftermarket with more than 2000 motor factor locations now in place to purchase from over 80 leading UK automotive aftermarket suppliers.

How does it work?

By implementing PACT technology into the supply chain with buyers and suppliers, PACT capability enables motor factors and suppliers to communicate and trade more effectively as all ordering processes are automated and seamlessly transacted into a business’s management system.

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What are the benefits?

In addition to a more efficient trading relationship, the benefits of PACT are reduced time to information through real time connectivity leading to:

  • Enhanced availability of parts
  • accurate pricing
  • fewer invoice discrepancies
  • optimised good inwards process
  • invoice matching capability.

How do I become PACT enabled?

The PACT team of Mark Rudge and Peter Hollowood will work with you to determine your electronic trading requirements, identifying PACT-enabled partners and providing a business case tailored to your needs to support the investment.

PACT’s free audit demonstrates to potential PACT users the significant benefits of connecting to trading partners in one common application, the first being a reduction in costs and the second an increase in productivity as a result of a streamlined ordering process.