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Why should I become PACT enabled?

A motor factor is looking, whenever possible, to control costs and improve service. PACT can provide this by enabling you to work electronically with suppliers across a common exchange.

The ability to ‘price match’ at the point of enquiry / order – so that discrepancies are identified at the point of order rather than when the invoice is received –creates a ‘point of difference’ in a motor factor’s customer service.

What are the benefits of PACT for motor factors?

PACT has connected more than 2000 buyer locations and over 80 suppliers throughout the UK. Automated procedures such as stock enquiries and ordering and the exchange of line level order acknowledgments, dispatch notes and invoices are proven to significantly improve internal processes for a motor factor – reducing time, cost and waste – and also help eradicate the supply of incorrect parts as the opportunity for human error is all but removed.

Is it suitable for me?

PACT can connect single or multi-branch motor factor operations using any business system to the UK’s leading automotive suppliers.

What area does PACT cover?

PACT covers buyers and suppliers throughout the UK and Ireland. PACT can also accommodate export trading for procurement or supply.

"PACT isn’t about changing or replacing people, but about using the technology available to help people connect and trade in a more efficient way. By having instant feedback on a supplier’s stock availability, a motor factor stands a better chance of securing every sale."


  • Easy to install
  • Saves you money
  • Increases efficiency